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The House in the Cerulean Sea piqued my interest the moment I saw its cover and blurb. I did not even notice that it is LGBT-themed. I was expecting that it is in some ways like Harry Potter. I was wrong but I did not regret reading this book. In fact, I enjoyed it and it brought a smile to my face in several instances. The story is heartwarming and it is suited for all ages. The characters are charming and loveable. I love all the characters but my favorite is Sal because he is a writer. It is an engaging story and reading it is like receiving a gift on a holiday. There are so many happy feels in it. With all these points in mind, I’m giving this book my 5-star rating.

For fans of The Witcher series, I highly suggest that you read Season of Storms. After 5 books in the series, I had not had enough of Geralt’s adventures and although the events in this book occurred prior to Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri’s story, Season of Storms offers actions and characters that will bring you back to the exciting world of the witcher, Geralt. Here you will see Geralt fighting more monsters, dealing with evil mages and greedy kings, and finding more allies. More information about the witchers, their creators, the effects of elixirs, and the nature of their swords are mentioned across the books.

If you can’t get enough of your witcher cravings after reading book 5, The Lady of the Lake, then Season of Storms will surely fill you with just enough adventures to satisfy you.

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There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. Each of us goes through a lot everyday. From time to time, we want to hear some advice from those who are more experienced and wiser. From the people who had been in a similar situation in the past. From the people who gained wisdom from their own experience the hard or easy way. Every relationship and love problem is unique. Some advice may be helpful to our own relationships and some may not.
The Billionaire by J.R. Ward

This book was previously published as The Billionaire Next Door. This tells the story of Sean and Lizzie. Sean is known to hold immense power at Wall Street district and is known with many names including idol or god among many others. He has trust issues coming from an abusive home and from having ex-girlfriends who are all after his money.

Lizzie on the hand is a nurse who is struggling to make ends meet. She is staying on the first floor of Sean’s family home. Lizzie is friends with Sean’s father until he died of a heart attack. Lizzie was the one who took care of Sean’s father and was the only person his father talked to during the days following his death.

Lizzie was also supporting her mother in her hobby as an artist.

Lizzie and Sean met after Sean’s father died. Attraction sparked immediately after they met and they were able to spend some quality time with each other when Sean was arranging the estate of his father. However, Sean’s issues got in the way.



Book Review

This is the story of Stella and Beck. Beck was trying to get a property that meant a lot to him. He may be wealthy but he just can’t get a connection to the current owner of the property. Then came a wedding event that is to be set in Scotland. The property owner will be there and he badly needs an invitation to be able to attend the said wedding. So, he looked for single ladies who were invited to the wedding and offered himself as a date or rather a deal that they can’t resist.

The lucky girl was Stella. Although Stella did not realize it yet at first because the couples who were about to get married in Scotland are her ex-boyfriend for 7 years and her best friend. To make matter worse Stella only learned about the wedding from the invitation that was given to her.

What I like about Stella is despite her forbearing and gullible personality at first, she knows how to love unconditionally. 



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The Earth’s Angels Trilogy by Beth Worsdell complete book review.

Earth’s Angels by Beth Worsdell, A Review

The story started when the Earth was dying as a result of human abuse. The aliens came to save the Earth. They are called Angels because of their appearance and grace. They possess special powers and they do have wings. The Angels have been here the second time around. 

Book Review: The Marilians

This is book 2 of Beth Worsdell’s The Earth’s Angels Trilogy series, adult version. I posted a review of book 1 here on my blog before and it can be found through this link. This book starts as humans and alien angels are preparing for the invasion and attack by the Marilians.

Destination Unknown is the final installment of Earth’s Angels Trilogy by Beth Worsdell. The series recounts the Earth dying from human abuse and the arrival of Angels from other planets just in time to save the remaining survivors. 


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Books that you will surely not regret reading. Each of these unique love stories will take you to an emotional ride and lead you to a fulfilling ending where love and romance are never scarce.

We Were Once, A Review

This is my first time reading a book by S.L. Scott and I’m glad I did. This tells a heartfelt and unexpected story of Chloe and Joshua who are both Ivy League students but come from a different family background in terms of income…


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This is my first read of R.S. Grey’s work and I must say this book made such a great first impression. It tells the story of Jack and Meredith. Jack is the arrogant devil, hot cowboy and the owner of the Blue Stone Ranch from Cedar Creek, Texas. 


Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, A Review

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is an established literary classic that has been the subject of literary discourse since its publication. I’ve read this masterpiece before and decided to reread it this time and feature it in my blog. Although a lot of things…

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