Earth's Angels Beth Worsdell

Earth’s Angels by Beth Worsdell, a Review

Earth's Angels Beth Worsdell


This is a review of Earth’s Angels by Beth Worsdell. This is book 1 of Earth’s Angels Trilogy and it is not your typical alien story. It is more of a story of humanity and healing the Earth. Read on if you are into fantasy romance, alien encounters, and apocalyptic stories.


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We should have known someone or something would step in and save our planet. Who could blame anyone for trying to save the planet we’d been steadily destroying for centuries! Let’s face it, we couldn’t possibly be the only inhabitants of a planet in the whole universe.


When Mel wakes in a hospital-type environment she doesn’t know where she is, or who she is. It’s a total shock, when she discovers that not only are ancient angels real, but that she and the other humans will be helping the angels to save the animal kingdom, the human race and Earth in truly amazing and magical ways. The magical and beautiful angels are healers of planets, a peaceful and gentle race with amazing powers.


Be prepared to be introduced to magic that you didn’t know existed on our planet.


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Apocalyptic Earth and Alien Angels on the Rescue

The story started when the Earth was dying as a result of human abuse. The aliens came to save the Earth. They are called Angels because of their appearance and grace. They possess special powers and they do have wings. The Angels have been here the second time around. They came in ancient times to save the Earth and taught our ancestors as well to heal the planet.


I must say I’m not really a fan of the sci-fi romance genre but I love reading something new from time to time and so I came across this book. I actually have mixed emotions about this book. It has a unique concept and it deals with several important issues of the world relating to our dying ecosystem.


The Beautiful and Magical Earth’s Angels Scenes

Surprisingly, it is a feel-good read with magical moments here and there that I would really love to see in other media, on painting or movies maybe. The way the story is told makes me recreate the scenes in my mind clearly. It is like seeing exactly what the author is telling in the story and that is a good thing given that I’m not very used to reading this kind of genre. The clean version will surely appeal to kids and teens.



This story is unique and intriguing in so many ways. There’s passionate love shared between husband and wife Mel (Elita) and James and the other couples in the story. There is also a great sense of family and much love for animals. In a way, the book leaves a lot of reminders of how we humans can actually destroy the Earth and how we can save it from our own destructive actions. The references to ancient sites are also convincing in my opinion.


What I would love more to see from Earth’s Angels by Beth Worsdell or in the next 2 books is more variety in the powers and abilities of the angels. Also, I want some more drama, grief, and loss, politics, power play, actual survival instincts at play, some flaws coming from the angel, and the like. With this unique concept, this book can turn into something big I must say. I’m absolutely looking forward to what’s next after this story. I give this book my 4.5 rating for now.


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Book Title: Earth’s Angels (The Earth’s Angels Trilogy #1) – Adult Version
Author: Beth Worsdell
Publication Date: October 13, 2018
Print Length: 438 pages
My Rating: 4.5
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