Destination Unknown Beth Worsdell

Destination Unknown (Earth’s Angels Trilogy #3) by Beth Worsdell, A Review

Destination Unknown Beth Worsdell


This is my book review of Destination Unknown by Beth Worsdell. It is the Book 3 and final installment of the Earth’s Angels Trilogy. This book is surely the best way to end this series with a monumental event and a triumph that lifts the human survivors to a position that receives high respect from other races in the universe. 


Goodreads Blurb of Destination Unknown

Earth dying-was just the beginning for Mel, her family and the other human survivors. When the ancient angels arrived on Earth, everyone thought they were finally saved. That was, until the Marilians came to take everything.

With the angels summoning their ancient elders and dragons, Mel and the other survivors believed they stood a chance. They were wrong.

The Marilians have made them homeless and planetless, destroying everything they knew and loved.

Now, they have to find a new home on a new planet to rebuild humanity with the angel’s help. However, can they really let the Marilians get away with what they have done to them, and so many other alien races?

Enough is enough….

This is not a revenge battle, It is a universal intervention.


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Destination Unknown Summary

Destination Unknown is the final installment of Earth’s Angels Trilogy by Beth Worsdell. The series recounts the Earth dying from human abuse and the arrival of Angels from other planets just in time to save the remaining survivors. 


However, the Marilians, a power-hungry and evil race invaded the Earth and left the human survivors planetless. 


In Destination Unknown, the human survivors with the Angels and the other alien races, who were saved from the Marilians, journey to outer space to return to their homes. In the case of human survivors, they are looking for their new home planet. 


In Destination Unknown, we get to see new races, new planets, new encounters and one monumental battle. Reading this final installment of the trilogy is quite a journey to outer space. It ends with a big event that makes this trilogy as epic as it already is. 


The Setting of Destination Unknown

I don’t want to go deeper into the details so as not to spoil anyone but Destination Unknown is set mostly in the Angel’s spacecraft traveling to outer space while they drop by some other planets like the Cidari – the underwater kingdom, Anunaki – the Angel’s planet and Marilia – the headquarter of the Marilians.  


The Final Showdown in Destination Unknown

Again, I don’t want to spoil readers about this trilogy’s epic ending. All I can say is that it is definitely a showdown between the good and evil. In restoring humanity and balancing the universe, the evil is subdued and defeated through universal collective effort. 


Overall Rating and Final Thoughts on Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown is definitely the best way to end The Earth’s Angels Trilogy. I enjoyed reading this series from the 1st book up to this last one. I must say that this is one of those rare stories that highlight the characters’ compassion and deep connection to ecological life and nature as a whole. The story also stresses the importance of healing and harmony. It revolves around an exciting plot with twists and turns that will surely appeal to anyone because it is centered on humanity, survival, coexistence and the triumph of goodness that is not only limited to human life but a matter that extends to all forms of life. 


Sadly, all great stories come to an end. The Earth’s Angels Trilogy has given me quite a ride. I already said this after reading The Earth’s Angels Book 1 and I will say it again, this story by Beth Worsdell can turn into something big, may it be in print or in other media adaptation like in a movie  and I’m happy to be a part of it at this early stage.


I absolutely love this series and I highly recommend it. It surely deserves my 5-star rating and a place on my top favorites. 


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Book Title: Destination Unknown (The Earth’s Angels Trilogy #3) 
Author: Beth Worsdell
Publication Date: July 4, 2020
Print Length: 394 pages
My Rating: 5-star
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