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Why Book Estuary? How did I choose my domain name?

Why Book?

So, my blog name is Book Estuary. Book because obviously, this is a blog about my book reads. I love books and I want a lot of them. If there’s a job that would pay me to read, I would definitely accept it in an instant.


Reading books means a lot of things for me. It is my real escape from moments of harsh realities and the overwhelming responsibilities of being an adult. Books open me to new worlds and entertainment. They are my free ticket, my source of wisdom, and my friends lol. 


Why Estuary?

Estuary because I was born and raised in a place where we have an estuary. Let’s have a short discussion about estuary first so you will understand how I made the connection between book and estuary and made it my blog name.


Caution, this may sound really nerdy at first and a bit pageant like speech in the middle.


According to the National Geographic,

“An estuary is an area where a freshwater river or stream meets the ocean. When freshwater and seawater combine, the water becomes brackish, or slightly salty.”

“Many plant and animal species thrive in estuaries. The calm waters provide a safe area for small fish, shellfish, migrating birds and shore animals. The waters are rich in nutrients such as plankton and bacteria…”


Book and Estuary Connection

Just like living in an estuary, I want this Book Blog to thrive. They say that opening a book is like entering into a new world and I truly believe that. I feel that this Book Blog is my safe place just like an estuary for many plant and animal species that thrive on it. I want to build a safe online community from this Book Blog so in a way I can bring positivity and emotional support to whomever this blog will reach. Estuaries connect the rivers to the sea just like the kind of estuary we have in our place, so in a way I want this Book Blog to connect people. That despite the divergence of beliefs and culture, this Book Blog can create some good things for people to enjoy and make life worth living.


Estuaries are vulnerable to changing weathers, natural phenomenon, human pollution and abuse but with the help from the community working together to preserve it, it can be saved. I envision the same for this Book Blog that it will not vanish from the Earth so long as there is the community that supports it.


How did I choose my Domain Name?

Also, as a newbie book blogger, I did my research and followed some tips on how to choose the best domain name for my Blog. To help some newbies out there, I’m sharing what I’ve learned so far when choosing my domain name. I would be honest that at this point domain name availability and price are the practical considerations when choosing a domain name but you can be both practical and complying to make your domain name a winning one.



At this point, I’m happy about the uniqueness of my domain name and it truly reflects the message that I want my blog to convey.


Tips on Choosing a Domain Name

If you want to know which tips did I use in choosing my domain name, you may check out this article from Forbes. For your easy reference, here are tips mentioned in this article:

  • Be brandable
  • Make it pronounceable
  • Keep it short, but not too short
  • Go after .com
  • Avoid trademark infringement and confusion
  • Make it instantly intuitive
  • Use keywords sensibly
  • Append or modify if necessary.

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