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Reading and Review Policy of Book Estuary



This is Book Estuary’s reading and review policy to help me manage how I will deal with reading and review requests if there are any.


Firstly, I thank you for reaching this section of my book blog and now I’m going to explain how I choose the books that I read and how I rate and review them.


Book Preference

If you already read my About page here, I hope you remember that I’m a true-blood book lover and although my bias is on the romance genre, I do not have any problem reading other genres as I did in the past. In fact, if you will ask me what is the best book that I’ve read, most of them are not really into the romance genre. But, since I’m reading a lot of romance novels, I dedicate this book blog mainly to romance novels.


So, I’ve read a lot of romance books in the past and I will be posting my reviews of those books here one by one. So, when I choose a romance book to read, I make sure that I will be able to connect to the story. I can say I’m not very picky in choosing my next romance book read. The important thing is that I will have a happy feeling when the story ends. Sometimes, I want to know about the hero and the heroine beforehand because it is easy to relate to them when I have some ideas about what they are doing, their studies, occupation, and the likes. However, whatever the characters do, the setting, the plot, the time of the story, the conflict, and the resolution, a superb story-telling or writing always makes the trip to storyland worth my time.


My Reading Experience

In my own reading experience, I love it when I feel the emotions in the story. I don’t have any problem reading complex stories at all. What is romance if it’s not sexy, steamy, and swoon-worthy so I would want these features to be present at all times if possible.


Reading and Reviewing

For my future reads and reviews, I would always want to give my honest review about them. So, there may be times that I would sign-up for free ARCs or purchase a book to read if I really find the story interesting. I am also open to review requests so long as I can find time to focus on reading the book. This applies to whatever genre and not just for romance.


You can send your review request through my contact page here. I cannot promise to accept every review request but I will try my best to answer those review requests that I can no longer accommodate.



So, basically, I would want to make my Book Blog a depository of my reviews for all the books that I really love or I have enjoyed reading. I would want to post the books that I’ve read with only my 3-star rating or up. So, you can expect that the books that I will be featuring here are actually the stories that I love to read.


I must say that there are topics that I easily got offended so I would want to skip those kinds of stories. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m an understanding person. I know that judging other beliefs is unfair and I respect that everybody has the right to his/her own beliefs. 


Personally, I understand every author’s struggle in finishing a book, and I do believe that there’s really no bad story or book. It is just a matter of preference. So, you can say that I don’t intend to be a harsh reviewer. If the book does not click with my preference, I would always find some good things about it surely. 


Also, as I mentioned in my story, reading romance or any book for that matter is my sweet escape when life’s harsh realities are attacking me everywhere. So, I would want to really read the books that I love. For authors, with stories that I don’t really like, I will try to find time to give you my honest feedback privately if I cannot really find enough reasons to read your stories and post my review of them on my blog but I’m really hoping that this will be a rare occurrence.


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