The Marilians by Beth Worsdell

Book Review of The Marilians by Beth Worsdell


This is my book review of The Marilians by Beth Worsdell. This is book 2 of The Earth’s Angels Trilogy and this time, the story is calm and beautiful at first, and gripping and astounding from the middle to end. If you are a fan of apocalyptic theories and alien stories coexisting with humans, then The Marilians by Beth Worsdell will surely appeal to your futuristic imagination.


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We are badass human survivors, working with very powerful ancient angels. They have been healing Earth and they have activated magical ancient ruins, we didn’t even know existed on our planet.


We have already been through hell. Now, we have to fight the second battle for our lives, against the evil and vicious Marilians. The Marilians are coming to take it all, and change us into their own kind…..A fate worse than death.


We will do whatever it takes, to protect Earth and each other.


Our planet dying, was just the beginning……


Mel, her family and all the human survivors have been busy helping Earth’s angels to heal our planet, and prepare for the Marilian invasion. The ancient angels have called upon the Elders to help, and the Elders have something up their sleeve, which may give them the upper hand.


The magic, action, love, humor and intrigue will have you hooked.


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The Calm and Beautiful

The Marilians is book 2 of Beth Worsdell’s The Earth’s Angels Trilogy series. I read the adult version that contains sex scenes that are not suitable for kids. I posted a review of book 1 here on my blog before and it can be found through this link. The book starts as humans and alien angels are preparing for the invasion and attack by the Marilians. The first part of the book is calm and beautiful. You will get to experience the funeral rites done by the angels as a result of the unexpected death of a human character that I will surely not name so as not to spoil you. As the humans and angels prepare for the war against the Marilians, I was particularly amazed at Ann’s painting technique where she gets to camouflage the angels to their surroundings.


There was a Noah’s arc moment in the book when humans and angels collected the animals from the environment to secure their safety during the incoming attack. I love how the angels lifted the sea creatures while enclosed in a water bubble, it is really a beautiful site to see at least in my mind.


Next, we go to the underwater city called Cubanaz, a reference is made to Atlantis, the lost city when the angels are discussing it with Mel, the main heroine in the story. It was a beautiful scene from the moment the angels started to rebuild the site while the humans were watching. And, here is where one of my favorite parts happened, a wedding. The first part is indeed beautiful and you will really feel the calm before the storm. In this case, before the war.


The Gripping and the Ending that I didn’t see Coming

Then the Marilians arrived and the fighting happened. But, before that, you will be amazed first at the dragons of the galaxy coming into rescue. And for me, the use of dragons in fantasy books will never get old and it will always touch the inner dragon in me. The dragons were summoned from the Gates of the Gods in Peru. The fighting was gripping and will leave you astounded until the end. I will not talk more about the ending to avoid spoilers because I very much enjoyed that part and I actually felt what the humans were feeling. Beth Worsdell touches a lot of my emotions on that ending, those emotions that I was looking forward to feeling in this particular book. She definitely brings this trilogy to the next level in this book 2 installment.



I must say this book is very-timely, relevant, beautiful, gripping, astonishing and just the story that I need for me to go back reading more on the fantasy genre. I’m giving this book my 5-star rating for all the emotions, the beautiful scenes, the ending that I never expected, and the new world that it opens to my imagination time and again. Watch out for my review of book 3 of The Earth’s Angels Trilogy here on my blog as I will not miss being part of the alien angels and human survivors story until the end.


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Book Title: The Marilians (The Earth’s Angels Trilogy #2)
Author: Beth Worsdell
Publication Date: August 10, 2019
Print Length: 430 pages
My Rating: 5-star
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