Mayfly Hollow Anne Lucy-Shanley

Book Review: Mayfly Hollow by Anne Lucy-Shanley

Mayfly Hollow by Anne Lucy-Shanley


Mayfly Hollow by Anne Lucy-Shanley is romantic suspense, slow-burn romance, and in a way cowboy romance set in the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. It is a well-written story with great character development. Read on for my review of Mayfly Hollow by Anne Lucy-Shanley.

Goodreads Blurb of Mayfly Hollow by Anne Lucy-Shanley

It began as a typical day…

Fiercely independent bakery owner Kate Halloran likes her life the way it is. Casual sex suits her to a T. Work hard, play hard is Kate’s motto. No strings. No demands. No obligations. The ties that bind chafe. She learned a long time ago that the only person she can depend on is herself—and that’s just fine thank you very much.

Then a fast-acting highly contagious novel virus sweeps the globe, ushering a nationwide lockdown. Violence erupts in the streets. Chaos reigns. With the population decimated, Kate’s self-sufficiency kicks into overdrive as she fears she’s the sole survivor. When the dead awaken, Kate becomes prey. Desperate and hunted, she undertakes a dangerous journey—fleeing to the only refuge she knows.

The sanctuary of Mayfly Hollow isn’t without its perils. Can the other survivors there be trusted? And what about the mysterious cowboy called Teller, who gets under her skin like no man ever has? There’s more to him than meets the eye—she can’t help but wonder how much of his aww shucks routine is genuine.

As threats close in on every side, can Kate set aside her complicated past to navigate the new world order?

Book Review of Mayfly Hollow by Book Estuary

Mayfly Hollow is a timely read while the pandemic is raging the globe. It follows the story of Kate, a baker with an independent and willful spirit. She had a tough past who left a deep scar on her. She is a survivor who traveled from her place to her sister’s farm called Mayfly Hollow in the midst of the lockdown and chaos that left zombies roaming around everywhere.


Upon reaching the farm, Kate together with her sister Connie and the farmhand Teller, led the farm to give them food sustenance. They also did some supply-run trips on nearby areas for the items that they could not produce on the farm. We see Seth, Connie’s husband being unwelcoming to Kate. But, Connie eventually made Seth leave the farm. Seth eventually became a threat who found a company in the barbaric motorcycle gang. But, with the great teamwork of Mayfly Hollow inhabitants, the farm survived.


The Walking Dead Connection

I’m an avid fan of The Walking Dead, both the series and the comics and I did find a lot of similarities with Mayfly Hollow. It seems to me that the story is a story within The Walking Dead with different main characters. What I like about Mayfly Hollow is how it focuses on the character of Kate where she was given an amazing and complete character development.


Kate and Teller’s love story sounds realistic to me and it sure is beautiful. I like the small conflicts among the characters living on the farm and I like how they are not so annoying and dramatic despite the chaos occurring in front of them. I love how the story ends and I no need to say more as not to spoil the fun of reading this story.


Overall Rating and Final Thoughts on Mayfly Hollow by Anne Lucy-Shanley

Mayfly Hollow by Anne Lucy-Shanley is a well-written romantic suspense, slow-burn romance, and in a way cowboy romance story set in the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. You will find a lot of similarities with The Walking Dead but Mayfly Hollow is a lighter read than the latter. I must say I never got annoyed with any characters in the story which is a good thing. It seems the author has strategically weaved the story and made the characters shine on their own despite limited coverage. Surely, there were evil guys in the story but there’s complete redemption in the end making Mayfly Hollow a great read even for those who are looking for a sweet escape from reality. Given all these things in mind, I give Mayfly Hollow a rating of 4.7-star.

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Book Title: Mayfly Hollow
Author: Anne Lucy-Shanley
Publication Date: February 26, 2021
Print Length: 370 pages
My Rating: 4.7-star
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