Silver Linings M.K. Condry

Book Review: Silver Linings by M.K. Condry

Silver Linings by M.K. Condry


This is a book review of Silver Linings by M.K. Condry. It is a fun and romantic read with a quirky heroine and a romantic yet possessive hero. Also, there’s more about this romantic story that touches on family relationships, friendship, and the best grandpa.

Goodreads Blurb of Silver Linings by M.K. Condry

Mabel Lynn received the best present for her twenty-fifth birthday—her estranged grandpa’s senior living complex. All she had to do was manage it successfully for one year, and then it was all hers. Easy peasy, right? That’s what she thought, too, until mysterious break-ins, vandalism, and the hot detective staying in the apartment below her seemed to pop up at every turn messing with her concentration.


Brent Parrish had a job to do, and it did not include falling for the quirky, tap dancing, noisy manager of the senior living complex currently under investigation. He was to move in, solve the case, and move on. Easy peasy, right? That’s what he thought too, but when the danger escalated, Brent’s focus turned to protect her at all costs. He just hadn’t expected it might cost him her.

Book Review of Silver Linings by Book Estuary

What Silver Linings is about?

Silver Linings tells the story of Mabel Lynn who received a birthday gift from her estranged grandfather. The gift is the ownership of a senior living complex called Silver Linings. Prior to owning the place, she became the probationary manager of it. However, something illegal was going on inside the complex which led the police to investigate. There she met Brent, a detective who was assigned to the job. It started as a job for Brent to get to know Mabel however he eventually fell in love with her.


There are a lot of surprises and twists in the story. I was able to figure out some of them but I did some wrong guesses as well. It must be the case that I was not in full attention at some point.


Silver Linings does not only tackle the romance between Mabel and Brent. There’s more about the story like healing an estranged relationship of a father and a daughter, friendship, and more. There are great letters as well.

Final Thoughts on Silver Linings by M.K. Condry

Silver Linings is an insta-love, detective romance led by a quirky heroine and a hot, romantic, and sexy detective hero. Brent is very possessive of Mabel and in some cases, he was being jealous of Mabel’s maintenance personnel and friend, Samuel. He was very attentive to Mabel and definitely very husband material. Not only did they have a sweet relationship but they also have some hot and steamy moments.


What I like the most about the story is Mabel and her grandpa’s exchange of emails. I really have a bias in reading letters in this case in the form of emails that are great to read. I did enjoy those letters. I find them brief, on point, sweet, and in some cases funny.


Overall, Silver Linings is a fun and romantic read. The level of suspense is light and manageable and it did not really bring me to the edge of my seat. If you are looking for a sweet and romantic read with slightly eccentric characters and the best grandpa in the world, then Silver Linings is highly recommended. With these things in mind, I give Silver Linings by M.K. Condry my 4.7-star.

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Book Title: Silver Linings
Author: M.K. Condry
Publication Date: January 8, 2021
Print Length: 228 pages
My Rating: 4.7-star
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