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Dark Shadows #1, Five Steps Ahead by Samantha Baca, a Book Review


Dark Shadows, Five Steps Ahead by Samantha Baca is a page-turner, romantic suspense that will leave you hanging in several instances but will give you a guaranteed romance and a happy ending before you will know it. This story has some elements of age-gap romance, instalove and in a way dark romance in the point of view of the antagonist.

Goodreads Blurb of Dark Shadows, Five Steps Ahead

Roses are red. Violets are blue. You don’t see me. But I’m watching you.


Hannah Anderson gave up her adolescence to care for her ailing father, so when she gets to attend NYU, she’s eager to experience everything the city has to offer. But when an online date ends with her drugged and unconscious, and mysterious notes start appearing in her apartment, freedom no longer seems like all it’s cracked up to be.


Detective Max Romano has had more than his share of heartache. Serving and protecting is his life and leaves no time for romance. When his sister goes missing after meeting a guy from the same dating app, he’s hellbent on keeping Hannah from becoming the next victim.


Now in cramped quarters, Max is up close and personal with all the reasons he can’t get involved with Hannah. But their chemistry is combustible. Giving in to their attraction is inevitable, but letting their guard down could prove fatal as the stalker is always five steps ahead.

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Dark Shadow, Five Steps Ahead Summary

Five Steps Ahead is the username of the antagonist in this book by Samantha Baca. It tells the story of Hannah who is a NYU student and Max who is a detective in NYPD. Hannah and Max’s lives were entangled when a case involving Hannah and Max’s sister, Elena, was brought to the attention of NYPD. In this story, we see Hannah and Max fell in love in the midst of a thrilling situation involving a mad serial killer.

What did I like about Dark Shadow, Five Steps Ahead?

I like how this book caught my attention the moment I opened its pages. It is a guaranteed page-turning story that will put you on the edge. In a way, I like Hannah’s personality because I see in her a strong woman with not much of a drama despite what she had been through. I like how her self-preservation instinct kicked in every time Max showed disinterest in her.


I must say the story is well-written with fewer or minimal irrelevant fillers. The way Max and Hannah’s love story progresses is realistic and I did not find it like it is being forced in the story given the fact that their’s is a love that you can classify as instalove.

What is lacking about Dark Shadow, Five Steps Ahead?

In several instances, I was frustrated at how slow Max and even Hannah analyzed the pieces of evidence that were in front of them. However, I can understand it to some degree because it can be the author’s way of giving the story more suspense and thrill. Also, the way Max let Hannah go on several occasions sounds unromantic to me.


The use of “roses are red, violets are blue” poem sounds in place but is unfortunately not very impactful for me coming from a professional and educated serial killer.

Overall Rating and Final Thoughts on Dark Shadows, Five Steps Ahead

Overall, Dark Shadows, Five Steps Ahead by Samantha Baca is an enjoyable read that will put you on edge. It is a page-turner with realistic situations that I easily relate to. The romance is realistic and steamy. Although the story will make you nervous and worried, a guaranteed happy ending awaits you in the end. With these things in mind, I give Dark Shadows, Five Steps Ahead my 4.7-star rating.


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Book Title: Five Steps Ahead (Dark Shadows #1)
Author: Samantha Baca
Publication Date: July 9, 2020
Print Length: 363 pages
My Rating: 4.7-star
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