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The Highlander’s Dare by Eliza Knight Book Review

Highlander's Dare Eliza Knight


Highlander’s Dare by Eliza Knight is a historical romance set in Scotland. It is a fun, easy, and steamy read. Read on if you want to know more about Highlander’s Dare by Eliza Knight.


Goodreads Blurb of The Highlander’s Dare


A lady determined to set her own path…

Lady Clara de Montfort begrudgingly attends the tournament at her mother and uncle’s insistence, to meet the Scottish warrior she’s being forced her to marry. But Clara has a plan—she’s got one week to change the Baston Ross’s mind and free herself from an unwanted marriage.


A warrior who can’t say no to a dare…

Graham Sutherland accompanies his twin brother Cormac, the new Chieftain of their clan, to a tournament across the border of Scotland in England. After a failed harvest threatens the livelihood of their clan, they’ve come up with a perfect solution. The twin brothers will use the tourney to steal the wealthy English brides of rival clan Ross, thus bringing a bounty to their people.


A love between them defies all the odds…

When Clara and Graham meet at the feast, he’s all too happy to help her break her betrothal, for she’s the one he’s come to steal. In return for his help, Clara believes she’s helping Graham with revenge against an old enemy. With each trick planned and acted out, the game intensifies, until the ultimate dare just might undo them both…


Book Review of the Highlander’s Dare by Book Estuary


The Outlander Connection

I am a fan of anything Scottish because of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and this book by Eliza Knight immediately grabbed my attention because it is highly rated everywhere. I must say my expectation is really high for this book. My expectation was for this to be a roller-coaster and complex read. Surprisingly it is not.


The Highlander

So, this book tells the story of Graham Sutherland whose brother is a Chieftain of their clan. He is a Scottish warrior who pledges to help his clan. Together with his brother Cormac, they joined the tourney with the goal of stealing the English brides of the rival clan, Ross. This way, they can bring back some wealth to their clan and improve the livelihood of their people. 


The English Noble

Lady Clara de Monfort is a rich English noble who is matched to be wed to Baston Ross. She does not wish to live with such an arrangement and hatches a plan to convince Ross that she is not the lady that he would wish to be wed. 


The Midsummer Romance

On the tourney, attraction immediately sparked between Lady Clara and Graham. They became friends of sorts. Clara is determined to change Baston’s idea about marrying her but it seems that things are going the other way around. Clara thinks that Graham only wants to help her annoy Baston but Graham’s feelings towards her are becoming serious. But, when Clara and Graham are starting to realize what they mean to each other, Clara overheard Graham boasting to Cormac about marrying her, and before she could hear the good part, she turned away angrily only to arrive in her chamber and found Graham there. 


Overall Rating and Final Thoughts on The Highlander’s Dare by Eliza Knight

Surprisingly, this is a short read and is not in any way similar to the complex story of Outlander. It is a fun read with a conflict that will not put you so much in suspense. It is clear from the start that Graham and Clara are really meant for each other. Baston turned out to be a surprisingly likable villain especially when Clara was trying to change his opinion of her. There’s a steamy sex scene detailing Graham and Clara’s first time sleeping together. If you are looking for a historical romance with a fulfilling happy ending then this book is for you. Truly, this book is a light and fun read. I give this book a 4.5 rating.  


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Book Title: The Highlander’s Dare (Midsummer Knights #3)
Author: Eliza Knight
Publication Date: May 11, 2020
Print Length: 178 pages
My Rating: 4.5
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