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Book Review of We Were Once by S.L. Scott


This is a book review of We Were Once by S.L. Scott. It is one of my top favorite reads in 2020 and it gets my rare 5-star rating. If you are looking for second-chance romance with emotionally loaded story and has the best hero and heroines, then you will surely enjoy this. Check out my book review of We Were Once by S.L. Scott below. 


Goodreads Blurb:


We were never supposed to fall in love.


New York Times bestselling author, S.L. Scott, crafts her signature heartfelt style into a brand new emotional, second chance, standalone romance.


I have three goals: graduate from an Ivy League university, get into medical school, and follow in my father’s well-established footsteps. Everything was going exactly as planned until the local bad boy was delivered to my doorstep. Literally.



From the moment we meet, my old life becomes unrecognizable, but I have no regrets. I’m utterly captivated by him. His smirk. His heart. His sharp wit. He pushes me to live, to be wild, to pursue the dream I’ve always hidden inside.



To the rest of the world, we make no sense.
Me, the girl from the gilded New England coast.
Joshua, from the small city of New Haven.
To us, we’re destiny.



Together, we had it all. Desperately. Madly. In love.



Until we didn’t.



One tragic night changed everything.



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The Story Overview

This is my first time reading a book by S.L. Scott and I’m glad I did. We Were Once  tells a heartfelt and unexpected story of Chloe and Joshua who are both Ivy League students but come from a different family background in terms of income class.


We Were Once showcases the passionate love of the Joshua and Chloe that knows no boundaries from the start up until such love is challenged by unexpected circumstances. The best thing is that theirs is one of true love that eventually grows even more strongly in the end. The story is written from the point of view of both Chloe and Joshua.


We Were Once Romantic Feels

We Were Once by S.L. Scott has all the romantic feels one can ask for – young love, one that transcends income class and one that makes a person grow in character and becomes a better version of themselves. Here, love never hinders a person from pursuing his/her dream. It also shows that love can be shown through small acts that can surely touch the heart. Love is cooking for the person you love, sharing the love for bonsai, skinny dipping in the lake, chasing the moon and so on.


As an added bonus, the hero and heroine are both intelligent and good looking.


It is a Beautiful Story

I feel that this story has just the right pacing for me to enjoy the good times, cry with the couple during the bad times and worry about them getting back together.


Although Joshua has been shown to have some weak sides, you will never lose hope in him and will never pity him. He remains to be a catch all throughout the story. Chloe on the other hand remains true to her feelings for Joshua when you expect her to already give up.


You will see great character development from both Chloe and Joshua as the story progresses. What is great about their story is that you will not only be mesmerized by their love for each other but you will also admire them on how they handle their separate lives and how they stand for their dreams and ambitions.


I feel that their story has been weaved to perfection until the end.


Overall and My 5-star Rave

If you are looking for a book to sweep you off your feet, give you a good cry, with bad boy feels, steamy and passionate loving that knows no boundaries, We Were Once by S.L. Scott will surely not disappoint.


For me, this book has been one of my most memorable reads for a long time. I give it 5 stars for a great story, right pacing, memorable characters, just the right amount of conflict, romantic feels, small acts of love, heartfelt and for never lacking some more romantic elements that I could actually think of.


We Were Once is about one epic love journey of Joshua and Chloe and will make you romantically fulfilled up to the end. Yes, it will make you cry, make you angry, make you laugh, make you worry, make you swoon but in the end, it will leave you satisfied and make you remember this love story for a long time.


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Book Title: We Were Once

Author: S.L. Scott

Publication Date: May 26, 2020
Print Length 459
My Rating: 5-star
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